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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Halloween Party revised lists

Remember when I laid out my ideas  here?
or here?
or even here?
Well, it has come down to this main thing.... 5 of my best and dearest friends are not going to be able to make it because of various work/ moved 3+ hours away etc. reasons.......Boo-hoo 
So I am now faced with the decision, do I just invite a half dozen or so people over for a small pumpkin carving dinner party or do I keep my same plans and hope that it won't seem too empty .

I am totally into the whole vintage theme I had committed to, but if only like 12 people are coming, there is not really enough people to do some of the party games, and to eat all the food I had planned.

My current menu looks like this

deviled eggs with little devil faces made out of pieces of red pepper

fleetah - a spinach and cheese creation my MIL makes -listed as "decomposed specimen"
like this only like a pie not little balls

cheese platter
with an aged chedder, a gooey brie and a crumbly blue cheese with figs, grapes, and crackers
{maybe olives}
something like this... dark fall colors

pumpkin seeds
-from my jack o lanterns-roasted w/ olive oil ,salt, and chili powder

mini grilled cheese
{on that tiny pumpernickel loaf you can find in the deli section of the grocery store, with halloween shapes cut out of the top slice of bread so you can see the cheese peeking through}

hand pies
with a savory veggie filling and a pumpkin pie filling

"Man Toes" Pretzels
{shorter stubby version of these, with lttle rosemary "hairs"}

Tombstone shaped cookies
popcorn balls
carmel apples and pears

spiced old fashioned doughnuts

Beer and Hard Cider
with a spiced autumn tea for our non-alcoholic friends -;p

as for the entertainment...
Pumpkin and squash carving with maybe some bobbing for apples
 and pin the tail on the cat after a few hard ciders!

Or should I just have a "viewing" of a Halloween movie  after dinner..... What do you think?

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  1. I must be hungry...everything looks really good...especially the grilled cheese. lol