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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Halloween party ideas

I know halloween is still more than 100 days away, but I am getting excited!!!!
usually I do some kind of halloween party with costumes and a big spread of food, but this year I want to do it a little different. Hopefully this year we will go to Halloween Horror Nights at universal in Orlando so that may influence my decision, cost wise.
So here is my idea list....{drumroll please}

Murder Mystery game party { I am sure I could find a fun packaged one online, and have everyone come "in charecter", but would have to be a set ammount of people to fill the  "cast" }

Nightmare before Christmas theme { Alot of work decor wise, but maybe host a viewing party...?}
....HaHa viewing party I am so punny.

Vintage Victorian theme {maybe bobbing for apples, or trying to eat doughnuts dangling from a string}

Steampunk theme {similar to the one above, and may alienate some of my guests, but still sooo fun to decorate for}

Pumpkin dinner party {with pumpkin carving, and pumpkin as the featured ingredient of the food served} Am I the only one who wants to say pumkin???

No theme just costumes and drinks and themed food { easiest, but if its going to be less than 20 people, why not put a little more effort into it?}

Quite honestly I think I am going to go with either the pumpkin dinner party, or the Vintage Victorian party. Or, maybe combine the two  in to a super mash up of a Victorian themed dinner party, with pumpkin carving, and a creepy course by course dinner.... OOOOOh yeah baby, I think we have it now!!!
 Costumes a must!

More on food and decorations later

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