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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

green project

In the spirit of true teamwork, my dear husband graciously provided the "supplies" for this project.
I took some empty{and need I say washed?} green beer bottles and spruced them up with a bit of jute twine and some homemade flowers.

Now for the actual "flowers" , I had to get a bit more creative. I took some tissue paper and curled and folded, and cut it until it looked reasonably flower-like then I hot glued it to some extra take-out chop sticks. I used some more tissue paper to make the leaves the same way. I think florist tape would have worked as well for the stem-wrapping portion.
and it was virtually free!!!!

book covers

Here is a super easy, super cute, 5 min project.

These book are hardcovers, but even once I removed the slipcovers they were still ugly.
U-G-L-Y ain't got no alibi...
This is a good way to meld together his and her stuff . I think the titles of the books are like "Baseball, game of the mind" and " True Mafia Crime".... Not exactly coffee table
Now they will go very nicely into my spring styled side table....more on that later.
Anyhoo, I just cut some wrapping paper I had into the appropriate size sruares and taped it into the covers like a present. easy-peasy

Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring Birdie!

only 3.00 at Michaels!
sorry about the quality of the pic, my battery was dying

originally this little cutie was 7.99 
This is a bit late, but here is one little area I put together for Valentines Day.
I love the combination of break-your-heart-tart-red and aqua.

In this photo ......
China hutch that I got for free from one of my clients when she was re-doing her kitchen ; Candlesticks I picked up from my fav store....Goodwill. -originally a bright gold now Rustoleum's hammered nickel only cost $1 for the pair ; that awesome print in the back I grabbed from a thrift store for only 5 bucks; the heart-unicorn plaque was cut but my mother and painted by my granny ; the silver rotating serving susan I also got from the Goodwill for like $2 ; the small, square, red bowls are from Ross for 1.99 each ; the carved heart in a frame from Goodwill- .99, the little book in the pic-2.00  is sooooo awesome that I am going to do a whole post on it later.
total-13.00 over like 4 years of collecting

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lampshade on the cheap

After the spray painting bonanza that resulted in a fresh faced side table the shade had to be re-vamped as well. Originally it was just a plain old white-ish ugly shade.

I love it!!!!

I took a roll of gift wrap that I had previously purchased from Michaels and cut it to fit. Then hot glued all the edges under for a nice clean line. I may add some beading or something to the bottom rim.....hmmm
Anyway this took all of 10 min. and was pretty much free. You can't beat free.

Picture Frame Quick Change

I have had this frame for around 5 years.
As you can see it's not that much to look at, but after a coat of Rustoleum Hammered Nickel it looks freshy-fresh.  Aww, a picture of my cute granny.
This is a huge improvement frome the gold-mold deal it had going on before. But it was still not enough POW for me.
So I took a bit of kelly green craft paint and applied it to the inset seam of the frame .{with a toothpick}

Ahh so much better.
The best part?

Spray painted side table..... or how I sprained my pointer

After my vision of a freshly painted living room came to fruition, in a predictable snowball effect, everything else looked like it needed a little love. First thing was my side tables. Originally a cream and cream with hazelnut glaze respectively. Against the original dismal grey-beige walls they almost looked pretty. Against the Classic Key Lime Pie freshness of the new paint they looked positively drab

Spray paint to the rescue!!!

Sorry no before pics....

And its lovely new shade I made..... More on that later