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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Curtain Rod Rotation

I forgot to take a before picture...sorry.
I just got so excited to finally do this project I just started right in.
I am in a love-hate relationship with my living room windows. I honestly cannot figure out what to do with the bizzaro shape of the "eyebrow" windows. At least I think that's what they're called. The house came with your basic c shape adjustable curtain rods, plastic mini blinds, and valences. Thanks to our lovely Florida sun the mini blinds on the Living room side of the house are toast, literally and figuratively. Once they went it was all down hill, the cats wanted to play with all the now dangling strings and the valences being only 8" long were to short to conceal the damage.
At last I decided to matters into my own hands. I bought this rod at the Depot. I know, it's -GASP- polished brass. but I knew I could fix it up proper.
I couldn't figure out how to take that pic... ;~p
I gave it a good coat [well 3-4 thin coats to be precise] of SHOCKER oil rubbed bronze spray paint. I am so predictable. Here is a close up of the end detail. Not to fancy, but neither an I. Next replace the curtains that are hanging on it.
I wish I could show you how cluttered it looked before. This is SUCH a big improvement.
For those of you wondering, yes I cut out poster board and taped it up there to block the sun. With out it, it's nigh impossible to see the TV without a glare. As far as the decor up there, pay it no mind, I am still trying to find something that looks like it fits in for that spot.

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