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Friday, November 19, 2010

Clearence finds

Usually this time of year I cut back on my thrifty-decor spending because of the Holiday season. That of course entails a lot of $$$. Gifts, decorating, baking, and holiday cooking take priority over the thrill of the hunt. But when I saw the extremely low prices on these items, I couldn't resist. The platter was $2.98 {originally 12}, and the cups were $.98 each. What a bargain!

My plans for decorating this season are-
Living Room and Hall- Enchanted Woodland theme
Kitchen and Dining room- Retro red and white with some turquoise accents{The perfect backdrop for winter creatures like polar bears and penguins}
Guest bath - Winter Wonderland snowflake style
I will post some pics soon
Hope you all are finding lots of treasure to add some sparkle to your holiday home.
P.S. I already put my tree up
P.P.S.  I can't wait to put up more holiday decorations.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Halloween Party Post Mortem

This Halloween party is in the bag. We had such a great time. The food, the people and the costumes were all impressive. I actually had a record number of trick-or-treaters. In the four years leading up to this Halloween, I have had a total of 3 trick-or-treaters. This year I had probably 40 kids come and ask for candy. I give all the credit to the big kitty looking out the windows.  Because I was already in costume for the party, the kids all got a thrill when I answered the door in full on Medusa garb. I was so surprised by the record numbers, all the candy I had out for decoration in bowls was gone a quarter way through the party. Oh well, probably for the best anyway. I certainly did not need any more sugar after everything I devoured. But in my own defense, I was the hostess, I was duty- bound to eat some of everything that people bought. Plus, I had to taste test my own creations to make sure they were acceptable...... At least that's what I keep telling myself. ;p

Some of the goodies I gave people in their take home trick-or-treat bags

snarky gravestone sugar cookies

Pumpkin hand pies

Creepy cheese and frightening fruit tray- my time spent catering very apparent

Vegetarian gello-brain. Strawberry-lychee flavor,
Thanks to everyone who brought other food.  No pics to prove it, but it is appreciated.

Party People
Your hostess Medusa

Nikki, Mistress of the night{shift}

Cheryl, the wicked witch of the East{errr E-lectrical}
Joe-zo the clown
Julia Audubon, Bird Watcher Extrodinaire
Not sure if she was supposed to be a school marm, a nun or what.
 I personally believe she was channelling Julie Andrews from the sound of Music and came as Sister Mary-Margaret

Father Richard the flirtatious

Annette as a dragonfly {I still say she's actually a love bug} and Reina, as herself a lady who had to close the store that night and open it the next morning.

John as Elvis during the white jumpsuit era ....{Uh thank ya, thank ya verra much} 

The only picture I was able to catch of my mother in law {corner} the whole night, She and Joe went as a pair of clowns
Many other people came, but I didn't get any more pics of
Pumpkins from the pumpkin carving festivities

Margaret's kitty and a sickle moon

Julia's kitty face

My spider "Sal"
All in all I'd say everyone had fun. Another year in the books.