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Friday, September 3, 2010

New Chairs -yipee

I have been longing for new chairs for the last year. My old chairs were free, and given to us when we did not have any, but let me just say - I am sooo glad they are gone!
I have been keeping my eyes peeled looking for bargains at Goodwill, Craigslist, and the curb in my neighborhood on trash day.  All to no avail. I saw these great chairs on Craigslist last week and was instantly smitten. Why? Not only do the have a great shape to them but a thick cushy new foam seat, but were only $5 each. FIVE DOLLARS!!!!!!
 I got six. Even though I really only need four for my current table, I figured that in the future, six is a more practical number. As far as the fabric on the cushion goes - It is very good quality, and fairly neutral.
That thin burgundy striping is not enough to bring me to recover them just yet.  My house is mostly blue-green colors, but with the fall colors coming out and then the Xmas decor after that.  The soonest I think I will even notice that it doesn't really go is mid-spring.
 And who knows, I may change the paint by then ;p

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