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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

It's going to be a Vintage Party!

I have decided! I am going with a vintage theme.
Idea Round-up

This is not the actual menu, just my current list of what-if's for the party

deviled eggs
stuffed dates [looks like cockroaches]
toasted pumpkin seeds
tray of cheese -black grapes, figs, aged chedder with black wax rind, stilton  sesame crisps etc
home-made pretzel twists with rosemary sprig "hairs" [man toes]
mini mozzarella  "eyeballs"

entree's -
Will probably just do appetizers and treats, but just in case...

spinach vermicelli  with some sort of sauce
FYI vermicelli is Italian for little worms, creepy enough for Halloween I think
assorted hand pies with harvest veggies or apples and ginger or pumpkin
"All Hallows Cheese" sammys with tomato  "blood " soup
bowtie pasta = bats


witches fingers cookies
tombstone cookies with funny names like Ted M. Bahreed
pumpkin roll
halloween candy- homemade
pumpkin pie
old fashioned doughnuts and cider
carmel corn balls-homemade
carmel apples

Beer and wine only???

Fun and games

Pin the tail on the cat
the halloween version of pin the tail on the donkey
bobbing for apples
I forget what it's called, but theres a game where doughnuts are tied onto a sting hanging down from a door frame, and you have to try and eat the whole thing with out it falling on the ground or using your hands.
Pumpkin carving
Halloween trivia
viewing of a good Halloweeen movie, maybe sleepy Hallow or Salems Lot or Nightmare before xmas

Decor and Party Favors will remain a mystery.....
I gotta keep something back so It'll be a surprise for those of you who are attending and read my blog!


  1. Sounds like absolute heaven! :)


  2. Is this a real party or a 'blog' party? Either way, it sounds just like something I'd love to attend. My Pumpkin Carving parties are a mix of authentic vintage witch apothecary and vintage. I get my decorations out in September because it takes me so long to put them all out. I like to pour over every little vingette until it is perfect. Probably one of my favorites parts of the Hallowe'en season! :o)

  3. It's a real party!....But maybe I should throw a vintage Halloween themed blog party..hmmmm...