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Sunday, September 12, 2010


Remember when I posted my list of proposed Halloween crafts back here?
Well somethings are for sure off the list but a few have held on for the duration. One of which are these little cuties. I got the idea from Ms. Martha Stewart, and they look pretty cute albeit not as professional as hers.
Here is a before pic of the jars. Actually it was just after I got started. You can see a little bit of paint on the left hand one where I jumped right in before taking the "before" pic. Not the first time that's happened ;p
These were assorted Dijon, jelly, pickle etc. jars that I saved just for this project. So that totals up like:

  • jars: free already had them leftover from condiments

  • raffia- whole bag was $3.00 but only used maybe 5 cents worth

  • paint: already had some from other projects, bout 2 for 1.00 each
total- 5.00 spent  only 1.00 worth of materials used

 I will absolutely be able to find a use for the rest.

1 comment:

  1. Like you, I've been collecting condiment and candle jars for the last year. I have an entire box full now, just waiting for me to get crafty.

    I'm thinking specimen jars for some, witch/voodoo jars for others.

    I think my favourites are the 2 on the left :)