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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Halloween menu ideas

Becuase I am still trying to decide on what party format I am going to go with I cannot compleatly decide on the menu. But, I have so many options rolling around my head right now,  My head might BURST!!!!
Pumpkin Carving Feast

bruchetta with apple butter and pumpkin butter
toasted pumpkin seeds
pumpkin chedder cheese ball with apple slices
Roasted squash and pumpkin bisque with white beans and sage
pumpkin raviolis in browned butter
pumpkin pie
pumpkin roll

Super Spooky Snacks

Crab dip moulded to look like a brain
fruit carved to look like body parts with chocolate dip
Eyeball platter -deviled eggs w/ green olive slices on top , baby mozzarella balls with black olve slices, slice of potato with a dollop of green chive sour cream and a black bean in the center, etc
Blackberry BBQ Bat wings {chicken}
Compost Salad -purple potato and yam salad
gravestone cookies
cheesecake ball eyeballs
witch finger shaped cookies

Apple orchard feast

mulled apple cider,
apple chips
Apple bread w/ honey butter
apple slices with caramel
roasted apples, onion, yams, potatoes and garlic
apple pie
apple fritters

More to come later, I don't want to burn you guys out on Halloween

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