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Friday, August 20, 2010

Tapas at Santiago's Bodega

Whenever we head to Key West, we always make it a point to visit this spot.
It is a tapas resturant, so you get several small plates to share with the table.
Here is my dish, Prince Edward Island Mussels in white wine
Camembert wedge with marinated onions and sweet peppers, served with crostini
Mini quesadillas with mango salsa
Croissant Bread Pudding with Creme Anglaise.... To Die For!!!

Usually I get the filet with blue cheese butter, but since I have stopped eating meat, I just ordered the dessert to console myself.
Honestly, I have never been disappointed at this restaurant, and we have gone around a dozen times. Also,  they have plenty of vegetarian options. The prices are not to bad for this type of white table cloth restaurant. Generally, 7-13 per plate, and each person gets 2-3 plates. The food is always perfectly cooked, and the atmosphere is well worth the extra dollar or two more than your chain-type eaterys. I recommend the Cheese plate, the Saganaki, a greek Haloumi cheese flambeed with brandy and the filet.  Also, the pear and avocado salad-enough for two is great. And all the dishes shown here. You will not be disappointed!

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