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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

More fun with spray paint

I was going to spray all of these items, but I think that pottery pitcher might be a collectable piece, so I held off. It's marked "Stingl colonial rose since 1805 trenton NJ". But I'm pretty sure it's from the 70's.
That other angel vase was still dirty, so back to the sink it went.
These 4 little cutie lanterns however got the full treatment. cleaning, painting and pics.  PLUS they were only 50 cents each from Target's 4th of July clearence  -whoo-hoo!
A few coats of black spray paint, and voila-
Aren't they just  A-door-bell?

I know these will be super cute once they have some orange candles inside. ;p 
Oh, wait, I just happen to have some orange candles on hand.....

Honestly, they will be out all year, not just the orange and black season.

I am also envisioning using them as curtain tie back somehow.... hmmm

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