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Monday, August 30, 2010

Purely Paradise Soaps

I went here to buy a little Thank - you gift for my sweet mother-in -law for watching our kitties while we we out of town.
Everything in the shop is all natural as well as all made in the USA even the mesh baggies that hold the soap, and the embroidered towels! Alot harder to accomplish than you might think.
Definately check out this soap crafter, not only are they making quality products for people, they make a special doggie shampoo, that some if not all [ I honestly don't remember], the proceeds benefit animal charity. Please show your support by visiting his site


  1. Always enjoy supporting small business and animal charities. I will definately check it out.


  2. I loved that store when I was in Key West - I now cannot be without the Mango Butter facial lotion it is my go-to every day. So glad you can order online so I can keep my supply up. Love that there is no fragrance, non-greasy, and my face really seems to benefit from it.