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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Top of the Hutch options

Option 1

Decided not to go with this based on hubbys statement that the Medusa head was one of the coolest Halloween items I had, and it wouldn't be fully appreciated up there.
BTW she has glowing red eyes. and I got her for $7.00 last year on Target Clearence
BOO-yah {I am so punny, I crack myself up}

Variation , no Medusa Head...
Thought this was too blah color wise

Final choice
yes the little thing on the left is a collectors Jack and Sally shot glass set.
I realize it does not go with my whole Vintage Victorian inspiration, but a little bad taste is like salt.

I will show the rest of the hutch tomorrow....


  1. Looking good. You are right, that bust is awesome....and I am always a sucker for Jack and Sally stuff.


  2. Looks good! That Medusa head is awesome and definitely needs to be a show piece somewhere in the house! :D