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Friday, October 22, 2010

Halloween luminaries

Sorry no post in a week, I have been aggravated with blogger. I have been busy doing all kinds of Halloween projects. Most recently these little luminaries. My plan is to place one or two in each window in the kitchen.  These luminaries took like 10 minutes. Literally. I cut out some cute Halloween shapes, stuck them on some drinking glasses and thenwrapped the glasses in wax paper and secured.  That's it.
Sorry about the picture quality on this one. During the party the shades will be up and luminaries in place.
The paper curtains took alot more time to do than they probably look like.
Lots more has been happening this week decor wise. Also I picked up some great stuff at Goodwill that I'll be sharing in the next day or two.
Still plenty to do before the party.
But I have my costume basically figured out. I will be going as Medusa
Dress- white linen sheath
Hair- will do in a messy up do with tendrils coming down.
 I bought several toy snakes to weave through it and around my neck.
I will do some glitter green eye shadow make up on my face to simulate scales.
I still need to make a couple of arm bracelets and a big necklace....hmmmm

Will keep you all posted as things get done!
Happy Halloween

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