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Thursday, October 7, 2010

halloween in every corner

The picture quality is crap on this pic, but it was like 11 pm when I took it..... Not an ideal time for lighting.
You can't really see, but in the cheese plate is a big spooky ball of all sizes of spiders and some webbing.  The skull is one of two I own.  Glowing, and only like 5.99 last year at Party City. The Trick or Treat sign I picked up at the Dollar Store like 6 years ago for obviously 1.00. The pewter candlestick was a Goodwill find- .25. That little white dish is a Shelly candy dish .99 courtesy of Goodwill again. And the pumpkin....well I just bragged about that here.
So not to toot my own savings horn,
I purchased  this two years ago on target clearance. I think like 2.99
The new home for the Medusa head...
I think I will make the candles drip blood or something. The plain white is bumming me out.
Maybe hot glue some candle bling to it? I also will be filling up the tea service with candy for the party,  but candy is not allowed in the house otherwise I will  gobble it all up in one sitting.
Seriously, I have no self control when it comes to the combination of chocolate and peanut butter.
And you know that's what I'll buy. No gummy items {has gelatin, which is not vegetarian} and no boring candy either.

Speaking of candy.....
The hubby and I were talking about treats that we enjoyed as kids, and Andes chocolate and mint candies came up..... My question is, Why have they not made a Halloween version of this. There are Halloween Oreos, M&M's, Chip's Ahoy, Reeses, and everything else under the sun. Why no Andes? The green would look super cute with a bit of purple mixed in the wrapper. A low cost option vs. reformulating the whole confection.
Hear me Andes makers! We want A Halloween option!


  1. This is the second post in a row I've read about chocolate and candy and now I'm starving...ha! I love the decorating...the bust looks awesome. I think I want to get a bust! :o)

  2. Those are some seriously great deals you found! I love the corner shelf idea. Maybe draw some stripes or spider webs on the white candles with a Sharpie? Although candle bling is never a bad idea. ;-)