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Monday, October 4, 2010

More Fall Flavors.....

I grew up in Northern Michigan, which is prime apple growing country.
I remember picking apples every fall from our neighbors orchard. Neighbors, that lived about two miles away mind you. Practically next door if you grew up in the country!
My favorite apples to pick and eat were Jonathan apples.
They are in my opinion one of the best apples to eat out of hand. Small, tart, sweet and juicy, they really pack alot of flavor into one little apple. Not to mention it has pink colored flesh that always appealed to the girly girl part of me.  We always made apple crisp and apple pie from them, if we didn't eat them all up first!
Since I moved to Florida, I haven't even seen one.
I have made do with Gala's and Fuji's, but that will only cut it for so long.
Last fall I discovered Honeycrisp apples. I am sure some of you out there have probably been enjoying this delish specimen since your childhood, but it was totally new to me.
Crisp, never mealy. Sweet, tart, firm and AWESOME. A bit more expensive than the regular varieties, but worth it.
I did a little research and it is a hybrid cultivated by the University of Minnesota from
a Keepsake apple and an unknown varietal.
This is one time where science has improved on nature.
Here are some I bought from Le Target. Each box was $8.00.
But sooo worth it!
This is the flavor of fall. {besides pumpkin of course!}

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  1. glad to read a recommendation for Apples. My favorite have been Red Delicious, but I am not an apple expert. I do know I prefer red over green and sweet over tart. But the Red Delicious can look perfectly lovely and hard on the outside and still turn out soft on the inside, and I won't eat it if it's at all soft. So I will take your advice and send the hubby out in search of Honeycrisp from Target. Thanks for the info! :o)