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Monday, June 28, 2010

Is it too early to be thinking of Halloween?

So I had these bottles.....
And I thought "Hey these would make a great Halloween prop"
I think I am going to remake the labels, these ones I just scribbled with some colored pencils late last night
 I thought it would be really cool to wrap the neck of the bottles with twine so they will look more authentic. Also, I plan on making some sort of appropriate to each label filling that will be silly and scary.
Maybe some peanut shells for the "Scarab Carapace" ? or some Grenadine for "Dragons Blood" ?  I'm not sure yet for the whole "Eye of Newt" thing, maybe some small white beads in a hazy liquid?
I also found online someone who makes this type of bottles but hers are super professional and cool.
Check this out

You can find them at and in her etsy shop under the same name.
These were my inspiration, hopefully when I'm done mine will be half as cool!

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